Cost of Carpet Cleaning?

Cost of Carpet Cleaning? I get this over the phone on a daily basis!!! Because every home is different in size and the type and soil tracked in is different, there isn’t a “one size fits all” category for carpet cleaning pricing. At Aqua-Dry, there are two ways we determine the price. We charge per room for residential clients and per square foot for commercial clients.

Our average rate per room is $50 (if a room is larger than 300 sq. ft. it will priced as two separate areas). Additional charges apply to heavily soiled carpets, pet urine treatments (see Pet Stains for more details on that topic) and or any other type of stubborn stains.

For homes that only have 2 or less rooms, there is a minimum charge that is applied and that charge varies depending on the location of the home from our facility. Minimum charges range from $120-$150.

Here is an example:

For a home with 3 standard size rooms, 3 kids, and 2 indoor pets, the price range will look something like this: $150-$225. Since there isn’t a way to determine the level of soil over the phone, we are unable to figure out if we will or will not need heavy soil treatment. In this example with the amount of people and pets in the home, it is assumed that heavy soil treatment will be needed as kids and pets track in dirt, have more frequent spills and possibly more pet urine problems. At the time of our appointment, the technician will do a quick assessment of the carpet and will provide the exact price before he begins; usually within the price range quoted over the phone!

We admit our prices are not the lowest but they are still affordable. Remember: “You pay for what you get” and “cheaper isn’t always better”. As a husband and wife team, we take pride in the value our clients get from us when they chose us as their preferred carpet cleaning company. We answer the phone ourselves, we offer exceptional customer service, and we have implemented great follow through to ensure our customers are completely satisfied with our work.

We don’t over promise and under-deliver; we educate, we are sincere (even if what we have to say is painful!) and we do our very best, EVERY time!

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