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Cost of Carpet Cleaning – Ventura County

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Cost of Carpet Cleaning? I get this over the phone on a daily basis!!!

Because every home is different in size and the type and soil tracked in is different, unfortunately there isn’t a “one size fits all” category for carpet cleaning pricing.

At Aqua-Dry, there are two ways we determine the price. We charge per room for residential clients and per square foot for commercial clients and we require an “in person” inspection for an exact price as we want to be fair to our clients as well as fair to ourselves as a business.

*Minimum charges range from $150 for carpet cleaning services and $250 for carpet repairs and floor cleaning.

When hiring Aqua-Dry you are not just paying for “carpet cleaning” or “floor cleaning” but also for our Experience, Knowledge, Professional Tools, Materials, and Responsibility/Warranty.

Our in-peron estimates are FREE!  Feel free to call or text Gabby at (805) 444-6708 to schedule your appointment.

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