Fabric and Fiber Protection

Fabric and Fiber Protection

Fabric and Fiber Protection (View)

In addition to cleaning your carpet, we can apply a fabric and fiber protection solution to ensure the best possible protection against re-soiling and stains. Our solution is an acid dye blocker that helps keep “foreign” dyes from penetrating the carpet fibers.

Why add fabric and fiber protection to your carpets?

  • You reduce the chances of permanent stains.
  • Helps your traffic areas from being destroyed.
  • Makes spots/spills/oils easier to be removed.
  • Makes your next professional cleaning more effective.
  • Helps your carpets look cleaner and brighter!

The protection will serve for a period of 6 months to a maximum of 12 months, depending on the traffic. We recommend the protector to be reapplied after every professional cleaning to continue to serve its purpose.