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Hard Surface Floor Cleaning

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Are you wondering why your floors are still looking dingy and dull even after a thorough sweep and mop?

There are many reasons for that but the main reason is that it may be that you are using a cleaner that leaves behind build up/residue.  Like other surfaces that see regular use, dirt, grime, and debris build up over time can damage your floors and it may require a superior deep cleaning vs. typical mopping.

We can help you bring back the life of your hardwood floors!  Our Hard Surface Floor Cleaning Process in Oxnard, Thousad Oaks and Moorpark is specifically designed for solid hardwood and engineered wood floors as well as luxury vinyl tile (LVT) type flooring.

Cleaning Process:

1.  Inspection – Needed to measure your area and to determine if your floor has an acrylic coating.

2.  Polish and Acrylic Coating Removal – This will be a gentle removal process using a wood floor polish remover, minimal water, and a HydraMaster RX-20 Carpet/Floor Extraction Cleaning Tool.

3.  Extraction Process – We use the want to extract all the dirt and grime.

4.  Floor Polish (Optional)-A Wood Floor Polish can be applied to highlight the beauty of the clean floors.  If you’d like to enjoy your floors’ natural beauty, you can totally opt out of the polish!


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