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The #1 Carpet Repair & Installation in Newbury Park, CA with a 4.9 Star Rating!

Aqua-Dry Carpet Care is the foremost choice for Carpet Repair & Installation in Newbury Park, CA. Since 2008 Aqua-Dry works tirelessly to ensure that all customers receive fast, friendly service and the best possible carpet care 100% of the time.

  • 4.9 Star Rated

  • Locally Owned & Operated

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Beyond Cleaning: Transforming Homes, One Home at a Time

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The Best Carpet Repair & Installation Service in Newbury Park and the Surrounding Areas!

In Newbury Park, CA and its neighboring areas, Aqua-Dry is recognized as a reputable provider of carpet repair & installation services. Our experienced Husband & Wife team, renowned for their expertise in a wide range of household cleaning tasks, guarantees that every home we service radiates cleanliness and hygiene.

We excel in turning living spaces into immaculate and inviting atmospheres. Whether you need carpet repair or carpet installation in Newbury Park, CA, our offerings are carefully customized to suit the specific needs of each residence.

Call Aqua-Dry for not only a carpet repair & installation but the best possible home cleaning and client care 100% of the time!

Carpet Repair and Installation in Newbury Park CA
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5-Star Rated

Your 5-Star Rated Carpet Repair & Installation

Questions & Answers About Carpet Repair & Installation

Aqua-Dry Carpet Care in Newbury Park, CA is a local, family owned company specializing in deep-cleaning of carpets, using non-toxic and environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions. Here are some common questions our clients have about our carpet repair & installation services!

Can damaged or worn-out carpets be repaired

Many carpet issues, such as tears, burns, or loose seams, can be repaired by professionals, potentially extending the life of your carpet. The decision to repair or replace depends on the extent of the damage.

Can you match the carpet color and texture when making repairs?

Our skilled carpet repair technicians can often match the color and texture of your existing carpet, making repairs virtually seamless and unnoticeable.

How long does it typically take to install new carpet in a room?

The installation time can vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. However, on average, carpet installation for a single room can usually be completed in a few hours.

What types of carpet padding are there?

Carpet padding options include foam, rubber, and fiber. The choice depends on factors like carpet type, room usage, and personal preferences. We can help you select the appropriate padding for your needs.

Affordable Carpet Repair and Installation

Affordable, Friendly, & Professional Carpet Repair & Installation

Aqua-Dry Carpet Care in Newbury Park CA is a local, family owned company specializing in deep-cleaning of cleaning services include carpet, concrete, tile, and upholstery cleaning, carpet and tile repair/installation and more. We pride ourselves in using non-toxic and environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions. 

  • Deep Cleaning –  With our truck-mount hot water extraction carpet cleaning system, we lift dust and dirt particles to the surface where they are easily extracted. 

  • Fast Drying – Our high-pressure cleaning system allows us to deep clean carpets and upholstery using minimal moisture, which means faster drying time compared to other methods of carpet cleaning.

  • Non-Toxic – We use a non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning solution that’s safe for your kids and pets, as well as your employees. This citrus-based formula naturally leaves your carpet smelling fresh and clean.

Professional Carpet Repair and Installation