Area Rug Cleaning, Oxnard / Ventura CA

On-site area rug cleaning, Ventura, CA.

On-site area rug cleaning, Ventura, CA. (View)

Area rugs are made of many different types of fibers, with wool being the most common and traditional fiber. Nylon, cotton, silk, leather, polyester and polypropylene and natural fibers like sisal and jute are also used. They are both functional and/or strictly decorative and can collect quite a bit of dust and outdoor soil overtime.

Area rug cleaning

All rugs – whether machine made, handmade, small rug or a large rug carpet – will last longer and retain value through the years if properly cleaned and cared for. Aqua-Dry rug cleaners in Oxnard, CA, strongly recommends having your rug professionally cleaned if you are looking to preserve its durability.

*Many area rugs can be cleaned on site and others require in-plant cleaning. Aqua-Dry rug cleaners in Ventura County, CA can evaluate which option is best for your particular situation.

Your dining room should be warm and inviting, but also clean. An oriental rug can be a great way to tie a room together, particularly with the style of architecture common in Southern California communities like Thousand Oaks and Westlake Village.

Oriental rugs are usually hand-made and quite an investment. Your guests will recognize and appreciate one when they see it. Oriental rugs are full of history and made to last a lifetime. Every rug is unique and requires its very own individual attention. To be cleaned safely and effectively, your rug must be cared for by professionals who are skilled in applying the correct temperature and cleaning method based on the material of the rug and the way it is constructed.

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