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Carpet Cleaning Technician - Ventura County

Carpet Cleaning Technician - Ventura County (View)

On-site Area Rug Cleaning - Camarillo

On-site Area Rug Cleaning - Camarillo (View)

This is Ignacio Renteria.  Ignacio has 20+ years of engine/mechanical knowledge that has benefited him tremendously in understanding our top of the line Prochem - Everest and Prochem - Apex Truckmount Cleaning Equiptment to better serve our Ventura County clients.  Although Ignacio has been with our carpet and floor cleaning organization a short period of time, customers already rave about him!  They have shared that they appreciate his approachability, courteousness, friendliness and most importantly, his detailed and professional work.  He is 100% trained in Carpet Cleaning, Tile and Grout Cleaning, Hardwood Floor Cleaning and Furniture Cleaning.

Ignacio, we appreacite the amazing cleaning work you are not only offering Aqua-Dry Carpet Care, but for our beautiful Ventura County Community as a whole.

Call or Text 805 444-6708 to schedule your next carpet or floor cleaning appointment!