Outdoor Concrete Cleaning

Outdoor Concrete Cleaning, Oxnard, CA

Outdoor Concrete Cleaning, Oxnard, CA (View)

Outdoor concrete needs regular maintenance to remove dirt and keep the surface in good condition. Aqua-Dry provides outdoor concrete cleaning services for both residential and commercial properties. Our deep-cleaning service keeps patios, driveways and walkways looking like new! We can also help remove stains, bubble gum and other materials stuck to your concrete.

Ventura County weather means outdoor parties, BBQ's and dinners. Our homes need a clean outdoor space for entertainment - we need to maintain the look of our concrete floors and patios.

Aqua-Dry's high-pressure cleaning system provides the best possible results.

Outdoor concrete requires a sealer to protect the pores and preserve the quality of the finish. The hot conejo valley sun can burn through your sealer causing it to look dull and dingy over time.

Finished look with sealer.